Make amoCRM convenient
New generation widgets
Want more!

Advantages of our widgets

In addition to the fast technical support.

Public widgets

Available for self-installation on any tariff in amoCRM.

Discount program

The discount increases with a larger number of paid widgets. Pay more – pay less.

Test period

Test the paid widgets for 14 days without limiting the functionality.

Easy payment

Pay and extend widgets from the settings without any extra effort with PayPal.

Free widgets

Small and functional improvements will simplify the work of any managers.

Attractive design

Elements are in compliance with the general stylistic approach amoCRM.

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Our widgets

The widgets are available for installation in the "Integration" section of the "Settings" menu of amoCRM.


Control user access

$9 + 90¢ per mo.


Address on the map



Smart customer base

$9 + 90¢ per mo.*


Integration with MINDBODY service

from $20 per mo.

Your widget

You can offer your public widget to solve your problems. If we develop it and publish it, then the use for you will be free!

* First price is per month of use in one account up to 5 users, second price is per each additional user.

Support for our widgets

It applies to both paid widgets, and the free.

  1. Fixing of any errors and shortcomings found.
  2. Ongoing development and expansion of the functionality of the existing widgets.
  3. Updating the display and working of the widget when changing the amoCRM interface.
  4. Technical support and advice on setting up and using widgets.
  5. Developing your wishes, if they coincide with our vision of the future widget.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to us.